Copyright Protection Statement
CG Staion attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and abides by various intellectual property laws, regulations and binding normative documents.

According to the requirements of laws, regulations and normative documents, CG Staion has formulated measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders. When the content of the Staion webpage infringes its copyright, the obligee should send a written “right notice” to CG Staion in advance, and CG Staion will take measures to remove the relevant content or disconnect the relevant links in accordance with laws, regulations and government regulatory documents.

The specific measures and steps are as follows:

Notice of rights
Any individual or unit that meets the following two conditions at the same time:
1. Be the copyright owner of a certain work or the right holder who can exercise the copyright according to law;
2. The CG Staion webpage, which is automatically generated in a non-artificial way through user upload information instructions, infringes the copyright of the above works.
Please submit the notice of rights to CG Staion by the above-mentioned individuals or units by means of written communication.

In order to effectively handle the notice of the rights of the above-mentioned individuals or units, the notice shall contain the following contents:
1. The name (title), contact information and address of the obligee;
2. The name and network address of the infringing works, video products, and software plug-ins that are requested to be deleted or disconnected;
3. Preliminary evidence of infringement (including but not limited to the ownership certificate that the obligee owns the copyright of the allegedly infringing content or can exercise the copyright according to law).
4. The obligee’s statement on the authenticity of the notice.
5. Please sign the document. If you are a legally established institution or organization, please affix your official seal.

Our contact information: CGStaion@qq.com (processed within 7 working days)

CG Staion reminds you: All content on the CG Staion website is provided by netizens. CG Staion is only a communication platform for netizens to provide information. The actual files of all resources are only saved on the computers of netizens themselves, and the server of CG Staion will not save or copy or broadcast any file. Similarly, CG Staion does not guarantee that the text descriptions provided by netizens are consistent with the actual content.

According to the instructions issued by the user’s information, the CG Staion background system will automatically generate web pages in a non-manual way. CG Staion itself does not control, edit or modify the information on any web page. CG Staion attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and has formulated measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of obligees. When the obligee finds that the content on the CG Staion webpage infringes its copyright, the obligee shall send a written “right notice” to CG Staion , CG Staion will take measures to remove relevant content or disconnect relevant links according to law.

Disclaimer Details:

1. CG Staion is a public welfare and sharing network platform. The purpose is to provide the public with rich information and serve the public. In view of the unpredictability and risk of the network, this website does not declare or guarantee the absolute validity and correctness of its content. reliability and reliability, and does not constitute a recommendation for your investment, but the administrator of this website will carefully review the information and resources contained in this website as much as possible. The information and remarks released and reproduced by CG Staion members or visitors represent only personal opinions and have nothing to do with CG Staion’s position.

2. CG Staion fully respects the intellectual property rights of reprinted articles and authors’ copyrights and customers’ trademark rights. This website reasonably believes that the original website that reprinted the article has obtained the consent of the copyright owner and has properly dealt with the relevant issues with the copyright owner. , At the same time, this website reasonably trusts that customers have intellectual property rights to their corporate trademarks posted on this website, and allows this website to be used reasonably. The reprinting of relevant articles and the use of customer trademarks on this website are fair uses, so this website does not assume any responsibility for intellectual property disputes related to them. This website solemnly reminds visitors: please be sure to respect their intellectual property rights when reprinting relevant information and resources or using relevant enterprise trademarks, otherwise this website will be exempted from any related intellectual property disputes.

3. If CG Staion undertakes the solicitation of works, this website is the competition information release platform and online work solicitation platform authorized by the organizer, and this website cannot replace the organizer (unless it is expressly stated). The competition-related information released by CG Staion is entrusted by the organizer. The organizer is responsible for the authenticity, legality and corresponding legal consequences of the competition information. This website is not responsible for the relevant promises of the organizer. If the organizer violates the promise of the competition, the relevant legal responsibility shall be borne by the organizer, and CG Staion shall not bear the corresponding legal responsibility. However, this website can provide necessary assistance for users to claim their rights.

4. No user shall publish illegal, harassing, harmful, threatening, vulgar or obscene information on CG Staion, and any user shall bear full legal responsibility for all activities and events that occur under the user name. The user shall ensure the authenticity, completeness, and legality of the personal information filled in. If the personal information is untrue, incomplete, or illegal, resulting in the loss of the user, the relevant legal responsibility shall be borne by the user.

5. If the loss of customers is caused by hardware failure or other force majeure (fire, earthquake, flood, war, strike, network congestion or paralysis, virus, hacker attack, etc.) outside the control of the line and this website, users should fully understand CG Staion CG Staion shall not be required to bear any legal responsibility for unforeseen and insurmountable losses.

6. If a user violates the legal rights of others by using this website, please notify the website as soon as possible, and the website will take relevant legal measures or technical measures (including blocking, deleting, disconnecting, etc.) to protect the legal rights of the right holder. Rights and interests, if the user fails to notify, this website will not be responsible for the extended losses. If this website has fulfilled reasonable review and management obligations, or has taken reasonable legal or technical measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of obligees, this website shall not bear relevant legal responsibilities.